Alamgeer Curry Masala (Bassar)


Alamgeer® have used traditional spices and herbs to produce an authentic Curry Massala. This Curry Massala is widely used in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir, where it is known as Bassar, in the preparation of various curries. It is a complete mixture, which only requires the addition of salt according to individual taste.

Alamgeer Curry Masala (Bassar)
Cooking Method

This recipe serves 4 people.

Boil ½ kg of meat with three medium sized chopped onions and one level tablespoon of salt. Leave to simmer, with lid on for 30-45 minutes, depending on the meat used, until it is tender.

Then separate the meat from the gravy and fry the meat in 125g of butter or oil. When you begin to fry the meat, add to 2 level tablespoons of Alamgeer® Curry Massala and keep turning until the butter or oil separates from the sauce.

Now add the gravy stock, boil and allow for a further 15-20 minutes with lid on.

Your authentic curry is now ready for serving with rice Nan or roti.

Please note: cooking times for vegetables will be significantly less.

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